Nature is fantastic!

Although hiking is a serious activity, it can be challenging even for the fittest among us.

Therefore, it is important to start well prepared for your trip. Always bring the right material and plenty of food and drinks. And do not forget to check the weather forecast!

A few tips:

  • Customize your clothes
  • Always wear rain and windstopper clothes that can help you change your clothes to changing weather conditions.
  • It is not a bad idea to wear wool as the first layer (base layer). Wool keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.
    Even if wool is wet it will keep you warm
  • Choose for a real quick-drying “hiking trousers”. Jeans or training pants are not suitable for walking. Especially due to friction and when they get wet it takes very long to dry. With the  possible risk of  undercooling.
  • Do not forget a first aid kit!
  • Check the weather! For all walks we always check the weather forecast. Even when you leave with a shining sun, it’s possible to rain a couple of hours later. Certainly in mountainous area. We recommend to postpone your walk, if necessary, in safe weather conditions.
    Always talk to the local people and ask if there are things to keep in mind.
  • If you are not experienced hiker, or if you are uncertain about a trip, we recommend that you take a guided tour or join an organization for multi-day walks. These people have the knowledge to bend a bad day into a fantastic experience.
  • Even when it’s sunny or cloudy, it can be raining and windy in half of your walk.
    And imagine that you have to walk for an hour or longer by rain and wind. The chance of undercooling is then very real! Certainly in the mountains. Therefore, always ask people who know the area to start your trip or trip.
  • Be prepared
  • Even though nature is accessible to everyone and free to enjoy, it is also very vulnerable.
    But it’s a matter of taking everything into nature, taking you back to nature. And always leave nature as you found it. Stay on the paths and show respect for plants and animals.

    With the necessary preparation and the right material you are ready for it and we wish you a great time!

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