Good hiking boots are not cheap. But if you take good care of them, they really go for a long time.
Especially when the “wet period” comes into effect, extra care is required after a firm walk. A few tips:
1: Cleaning (after each walk)
– Remove the footbeds and laces
– Brush off the first dirt
– Use running water (shower) to remove stubborn dirt
– Clean the inside of your boots with a soft sponge and warm water
2: Impregnate (once your boots are dry)
– Impregnate your boots regularly
– Please note that you are using the correct impregnation
3: Waxing
– Rub a layer of wax into the dry leather. This is best done by hand. The warmth of your fingers will ensure that the wax gets better into the boot
– Also rub a thin layer on the inside if you also have a leather inside
– Never use oil or grease

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