Project omschrijving

Ready for  a fantastic weekend! Our base is Larochette-Medernach in Luxembourg. (Little Switzerland region)
If you feel like it, you can come Friday and stay on Saturday after the hike.
You can only come for the hike on Saturday also.

Friday: We stay at camping Auf Kengert. Here you can find beautiful “Quartier huts” for your stay.

The Mullerthal Trail leads over a length of 110 km through all the scenic features of the Müllerthal-Luxembourg small Switzerland region. Paths go through forests and meadows to get past impressive gorges and bizarre rocks.

Saturday: 10:00 we leave for a day hike on the Müllerthal trail.

In the evening we arrive at the campsite again, and for those who stay  we make a nice evening.

    Ik kom vrijdagik blijf zaterdagik kom vrijdag, blijf zaterdag en neem deel aan de BBQik kom enkel zaterdag